Healthtech news round up: Visionable raises £9.1 million – plus other healthtech news that’s made the headlines this week

Here’s some of the healthtech news making the headlines this week…

1. Video collaboration platform Visionable has raised £9.1 million to continue to help clinicians collaborate to deliver better patient care

Growing pressure on healthcare practioners means teams are doing too much with too little staff and time. Visionable’s video collaboration technology provides a single platform for clinicians to deliver improved patient care.

The company raised £9.1 million last week, following a 50 percent oversubscribed funding round, valuing the company at £47.6 million and demonstrating the value of digital alternatives to face-to-face interaction in the healthcare eco-system.

Telemedicine, which allows patients to consult with doctors via telecommunication technologies, has been described as the next big thing in healthcare. But there have been questions around telemedicine’s failure to take off over the last year, citing lack of awareness and cost as the reasons.

Visionable is the first video collaboration platform designed especially for healthcare teams’ advanced clinical needs and has over one million patients per year using its platform as well as over 100 NHS platforms. As a multi-application video collaboration and communication platform, Visionable shows that there’s life in telemedicine yet.

Visionably startup

2. Social network for mums “Peanut” has launched a community for women trying to conceive – and announced a funding injection of $5 million (£39 million)

There are mummy bloggers, influencers and a ton of content geared towards women with children, but is a social network really needed too?

Apparently so, and the demand is certainly there according to  Peanut, a social network for mums, which has a growth rate of 20 percent per month across the UK, US and Canada. The startup has also announced a new community on its app for women trying to get pregnant, called “Trying To Conceive (TTC)”  as well as a new funding round of $5 million – that’s £39 million – led by Facebook investor Index Ventures.

The community will aim to build a network where mothers can connect and share advice about fertility and link women up at different stages of trying to conceive and pregnancy.

Small child with mother

3. Cancer care app raises £1.12 million 

Careology, a healthtech platform for cancer care started by CEO Paul Landau after his wife was diagnosed with cancer, has raised £1.12 million in funding from private investors in the UK.

The AI-enabled app is apparently the first of its kind and empowers patients to take control of their care by connecting with their families and healthcare providers for real-time care. The app does this by integrating with other health-tracking devices to monitor temperature, heart rate and activity levels and also connects with wearables.

By collecting anonymous data sets, machine learning is used to refine provision and contribute towards key areas such as drug discovery. The app also offers customised content like articles, recipes and tips depending on individuals’ interests.

Cancer Care App

In other healthtech news:

    • Parkinson’s UK’s Virtual Biotech company has received £200,000 of investment from The Parkinson’s Foundation. The money will support a project looking to discover how to prevent brain cell death by stabilising the mitochondria – the power generators of human cells. Virtual Biotech receives around £4 million a year from supporters and partners to help to transform the lives of people with Parkinson’s by focusing on the most important research.

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