Content Strategy

HealthTech Content Strategy

Talk HealthTech can work with you to build a coherent content strategy to cover all bases, helping you to:

  • Attract more customers to your site
  • Increase conversion rates and therefore ROI
  • Build online authority

Content Mapping

Before we start on your content, we will put together a plan to map resources to the buyer journey. This will be done by auditing your existing content to identify gaps that need to be filled, especially targeted to your audience and suitable for each stage of the buyer journey.

Blog Content

Blog content is a must if you want to stand out in the sea of competition. And let’s face it: there’s much to write about. After all, healthcare technology is going to totally disrupt the world as we know it – and we believe for the better in spite of the sometimes negative headlines! Powerful, Google-friendly blog content can help you position your brand as on the side of positive change. We can help you put together blog content strategy, secure guest posts and even write the content if that’s what you need.


Copywriting is essential when it comes to communicating your key messages succinctly. Your website needs to reflect your values and there’s no better way to do this than through the use of clever words. Copywriting also plays a key role when it comes to social media ad conversion. We can help with ad setup, A/B testing and advise you regarding the latest tools to help you get results.

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