Clinical Trials Startups

Clinical Trials PR and Marketing For Startups

The clinical trials industry has expanded rapidly over the last couple of decades. However, COVID-19 has meant that many trials have been paused and/or delayed. This has obvious implications – but there is good news. Trial staff and sponsors are now adopting the wealth of technology offered by innovative startups which can improve safety, efficiency and get drugs to market faster.

Biopharma and pharma firms know that most of their trials will fail due to unforced errors. Despite this, there has still been reluctance to adopt new technology.  But the truth is that pharma companies can increase their success rate through improving the design and execution of their studies. . Life-changing or ‘Black Swan’ events like the pandemic, often usher in great change and it looks like this is happening in the clinical trials industry.

Startups within this space can make the most of this opportunity. They can get their crucial message out there and gain new customers. Talk HealthTech consultants have specific experience in this area and are keen to hear from clinical trials startups looking for PR and marketing services. We’d love to hear from you.

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