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Health technology has the power to transform the way people access and interact with health services. But there’s a lot of concern about privacy and scepticism about new products on the market. This means that companies can struggle to get their message across. Talk Healthtech PR   can help you make headlines that matter. A good PR campaign will:

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Gain larger market share through targeted media coverage

Here’s some recent coverage achieved:


European Pharmaceutical Magazine

Irish Times 

Your HealthTech PR Plan Matters

Successful public relations campaigns are not just about press releases, media contacts and pitching. While these elements are still important, they make up just part of the whole.

Building reputation and standing out from the crowd is more about consistent messaging and compelling storytelling. Authenticity and presenting a solid vision is crucial for developing trust with the public and businesses alike.

A clever PR campaign can elevate your company to the next level and can even help you attract the interest of investors.

Talk HealthTech PR strategy combines the following:

PR Consulting:  Getting PR messaging right can be a tricky task – especially in a conservative industry such as healthcare.  This is why it’s so important to weave your core messages into every aspect of your communications and marketing plan. Your target customer has to be able to understand what your values are, and key messaging and branding has to be rock solid before engaging with the media in any capacity. We can help you with this.

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Content Strategy: Content is king may be a cliche, but it remains even more true in this day and age! Not only is interesting blog content a must-have, but the user journey is now more important than ever. Readers should be engaged at every touchpoint and motivated to use your product and service through targeted content strategy.

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